“Share a Flame” Initiative

Galearth MD Tahir Nihad Bajwa has launched a campaign called “Share a Flame” …the initiative that calls for and encourages the sharing of knowledge through all means possible.

Share a Flame will create a platform that serves as a window to every article, thesis, journal and scholarly paper that people and institutions share for the flame of knowledge to be passed-on to fellow human-beings.

In the light of this initiative, there are fundamental changes that are being made to the policies of Galearth’s dealing of its research content and expertise at hand and ever to be gathered- A new framework will include the following highlights-

-creation of a team of motivated individuals from all walks of life who believe and support the idea of open access to the information, especially the one that is accumulated through public money

-a coordinated effort that sees information flow and sharing being prioritized in educational, research and goverment institutions

-events and gatherings to be held to promote and leverage the idea among masses

-preparation of detailed white paper in the light of suggestion, comments and feedback coming from social media, partners, colleagues and people in the know

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